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Brookstone Back Massager Power Cord

The Brookstone fascial massage gun is a powerful new back massage tool that comes with its own Power cord! If you're searching to improve your back then Brookstone fascial massage gun new with box (no Power is an unrivaled tool for you.

Brookstone Back Massager Power Cord Ebay

The Brookstone back Massager imparts a powerful 12 v Power supply, this ac adapter is compatible with our model, allowing you to adopt it on a weak or indirect Power outlet. The 863806 is conjointly compatible with the brookstonefr-n12 and fr-n12 shiatsu neck and back Massager Power cords, giving you the choice to handle them all without having to purchase additional units, it can be used to treat various neck and back pain areas. The Brookstone fascial is a best-in-class new with box tool for creating delicious, warrants-vendor-quality pleasure, with its soft, velvet-likegnat+ back cover and gold-colored, vitreous growth enclave, this Massager is sure to fulfill your needs for now, and future adventures. The fascial is designed to soothe and improve the body's connective tissues and tissues of the whole body, along with providing relief from all types of aches and pain, at 6. 6 lb, the Brookstone fascial is light but powerful with a terrific level of glide for or one-time massage uses, Brookstone is the only name you can trust when it comes to high-quality, warrants-vendor-quality massages. This ac adapter for Brookstone 863806 fr-n12 shiatsu neck and back Massager will help you to operate your massage table without an electrical outlet, the Power Cord is conjointly long enough to connect to an outlet.